Mayor's Message

East beach re-opened this July 5th with our fireworks celebration, but we still have work ahead as we need to work with the Town of Brookhaven to re-nourish our beach and replace the sand we have lost into the mouth of the Mt. Sinai Harbor due to the breach of the west wall of the Mt. Sinai Jetty. Thanks to Senator Ken LaValle, $400,000 was given to the Village which will be used with DEC approval to build the West Jetty wall to secure our beachfront. An Inter Municipal Agreement with the Town and County will be required to ensure that when the County dredges the harbor our sand will be funneled back from the throat of the harbor to re-nourish our beachfront.
East Beach remains open on a daily basis through the summer with newly renovated facilities and we look forward to seeing you at our second Family Beach Night on August 15th!

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