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Our historic Chandlery Building, originally owned by the Bayles family and part of the original Bayles shipyard was used as a provisioning store during Port Jefferson’s ship building era. One of the last two standing 19th century structures on the waterfront, the Chandlery was built in1897 to replace the original Chandlery that burned in the waterfront fire of that year.

It is recognized as worthy of preservation for its “quality, uniqueness and history as one of the best remaing examples of its architectural period.” Acquired by the Village as part of harborfront park, this building now over 114 years old, and has been completely renovated and restored to the period using historic photos to replicate the front porch, windows, rear deck and more.

Third Bayles Chandlery on East Broadway

The Village has entered into a license agreement to allow the Children’s Maritime Museum, now known as the Maritime Explorium, to utilize the first floor of the building for a marine science based, interactive, learning experience open to children of all ages, from one hundred to one!

The second floor is shared by the Villages not for profit organizations, under an umbrella cooperative agreement, that allows the not for profits to share, and leverage off of their resources, ideas and volunteer power. Across from Village Center, this location makes for an ideal location to tie into the programs and events and all the amenitites already at Harborfront Park.

For more information about this unique and exciting building, or the organizations invovled, please contact news@portjeff.com.

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