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Parks & Fields

From the beautiful beaches of our historic waterfront village, to the top of our uptown area, Port Jefferson Village offers multiple playgrounds with beautiful parks for games and sports, along with many little welcoming pocket parks for an area to rest or just enjoy.

Our East and West Beaches are over two miles of shoreline with parking facilities for Village residents, offering fishing, sunbathing or just strolling on the sand. The beach includes an area for picnic tables, a swing set play area, and staffed facilities for safety and enjoyment. Beaches are open from mid-June until Labor Day, with lifeguards on duty from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM, daily.

Fronting along the water is The Jeanne Garant Harborfront Park, home to our Village Center. The large grassy picnic areas are opened to the spectacular view of Port Jefferson Harbor. Landscaped walkways lead to the pier jetting 350 foot out onto the harbor. The children’s play area includes a misting sprinkler along with several game and picnic tables.

Joe Erland Field Park located on Caroline Ave. offers a lighted softball field and soccer park for all residents, who enjoy the many Youth and Adult programs offered by our recreational department.

Located in the heart of the downtown area is Clifton H. Lee Memorial Park, known as “Rocket Ship Park”. Accessible from many points, the park has multiple swings and climbing equipment, a basketball court, three lighted tennis courts, and a large picnic area. The children’s summer shows are held behind the little barn on the grassed area.

Spring St. Rec. Center, formally known as “Port Jefferson Junior High School”, is used for indoor recreation programs including basketball, volleyball and fitness programs.

Enjoy a quiet stroll along the lighted Historical Walkway that follows Mill Creek behind Village Hall.

Beach Street Park is a passive play area on the West side of Port Jefferson Harbor.

Roosevelt Ave Park marks a quiet play lot within the Village.

Located in the uptown area of Port Jefferson Village, Texaco Avenue Park offers play equipment and a picnic area with a half basketball court.

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