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Zoning Board

The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of a 5 member independent board appointed by the Village Board of Trustees for a five year term. The Board members review all applications based upon the Village Zoning Ordinances. All zoning designations are represented on a zoning map located at the Village Building & Planning Department along with a detailed explanation of each designation within the Village Code.

The Zoning Board of Appeals listens to cases where a relief from a code requirement or a variance is needed in order to grant a building permit, dimensional variances, Special Exceptions (Permits for various uses specified in the Zoning Ordinance). Commercial Certificates of Existing Use or where an interpretation of code is necessary.

Upon receipt of a completed application and proper notification the Board will schedule a public hearing which is subject to the NYS Open Meeting Law. During the public hearing the applicant or their representative will present their case to the Board. At which time, the Board may ask questions regarding the submitted application as well as take comments from the public, both for or against the merits of the application. Residents are encouraged to participate in the hearings, as input from residents is given consideration when deciding an important issue.

Upon closure of the public hearing, the Board has 62 days to render a decision. The Board’s decision may include such factors as whether an undesirable change to the community is created, physical & environmental impacts, the substantiality of the request, if the request can be achieved through other options as well as public testimony and written communications.

Upon a determination by the Board, a decision letter is created and filed with the Village Clerk. The applicant has a right to appeal the decision within 30 days.

The Zoning Board of Appeals Members commit to a 5-year term and consist of the following individuals:

Chairman: Mark Brosnan
Secretary: Cindy Suarez
Board Members: Tracy Stapleton, Andrew Thomas & Jack Giannola (alternate member)