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Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works was newly created this year to merge the Parks Department with the Highway Department. Lead by Superintendent Steve Gallagher, the department works in the wee hours of the morning when most of us are barely peeking at the light of dawn, emptying garbage pales, cutting the lawns, sweeping the streets, watering flowers, paving potholes, replacing drainage drywells, removing snow, leaves, braches and debris from our roadways and doing all the jobs that make Port Jefferson shine first thing in the morning. The labor crew is diverse and seasoned, and you will see them wearing bright yellow/green tops when working to not only identify them, but to keep them from harms way.

In the winter time, our crew is called out to remove snow from both our roads and parking lots. Roads in Port Jefferson are maintained meticulously as it is a priority for our schools and hospitals to be accessible in the inclement weather.

The Department of Public works is busy round the clock working to sustain and improve Port’s infrastructure, roads and numerous amenities. They work hard. Next time you see a truck with a few yellow/green dressed workers, pull up and say “thanks” – or give a friendly beep on your horn. Remember, we are all in this together!

For more information about the Department of Public Works contact 631-473-4733 or email Christine Tesauro ctesauro@portjeff.com.

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